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Since training as a potter in the early 1980s, Kathryn has sustained her passion and skill for working with clay as a hobbyist and an educator. More recently, however, she has shifted her focus and time to working in her Southern Highlands studio. With a preference for throwing on the wheel, and some hand building, Kathryn works predominantly with fine white porcelain and high fire glazes.

Kathryn is driven to maintain sustainable practices, where possible, by using solar energy and harvested rainwater, in order to lower her impact upon the environment. She recycles waste material and offers up for sale items that are imperfect, rather than adding them as waste to landfill.

Nestled in the gorgeous Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia, Kathryn's studio is surrounded by nature. With an abundance of native and exotic trees, plants and birdlife outside her workspace, she is constantly inspired by elements of the natural world, earth, water and fire, and draws inspiration from the beauty and vibrance of the living things around her. Kathryn constantly explores the use of new processes and materials in an effort to sustain her creativity and individual approach.


And whilst 'playing with mud' can be messy and often unpredictable, Kathryn has founded her business, klā ceramics, with the goal in mind to design and create pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and functional to use.

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